Downtown Association

Downtown Association
Rock, Hard Rock, Metal


Dean Mess - Vocals 

George Matikas - Guitars

Tasos Oikonomidis - Drums

Nik Danielos - Bass

Downtown Association is the outcome of some dead-serious problem boys , weirdly met under unknown situations and formed an urban-toxic rock n roll ensemble. On our streets you can find the mastermind of late-night-destruction George Matikas(Shock Absorber) harassing his guitar to the rhythm of the city, beating 'round the bush and onto the drumset Tasos Doutse(Prassein Aloga) turns up the heat and raises the volume passing it to Nik Danielos(Bend for Eleven,Blue Flames) who breaks his bones for the cause while making it happen , leading nowhere but to nothing , the architect of decay and the frontman of the horde Dean Mess (W.A.N.T.E.D.)

Started as George's nightmare and later founded on the same ground with the rest of the associates sworn to raise hell after messing with a few tunes.

The debut album 'Strictly Business' was recorded in the beginning of 2016 and brought a first circle of attention with lots of good reviews.

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