En - Stigma

En - Stigma
Galactic Progressive Metal


En-Stigma is a project of the bassist Vonifatios which was created in 2014 and is categorized as Galactic Progressive Metal. The basic idea was to record an album but due to financial difficulties En-Stigma were delayed. The only song recorded was Infernal Shadows which was uploaded on youtube as a single. 

Things became better and in the spring of 2018 recordings for the album ''Reforming the Universe'' began and were finished in october of 2018. For this to work En-Stigma had the help of George Tzachristas (lead guitars, keys, drum programming, growls), Anastasios Nikolaou (vocals), Anastasios Seremetis (oud), Glory (vocals), Alex Seretis (vocals), Infernal Lord (vocals), Helen Tragoudara (vocals), Constantine Tsapos (guitar solo). 

En-Stigma Online: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enstigmaband/