Our Music can travel in a places where no man can go or enter. To be the light into a dark place in every dimension. This is a New Era, no turning back.

New Dream Records is here to provide the best in all genres of music from artists/singers /musicians / producers around the world. New Dream Records wants to stimulate and create opportunities to share the gifts of music the Lord has provided in every one of our artists, and create a New Era that will change brains and hearts, and transform lives.

New Dream is not here to just release good music from every genre and culture from every part of the world, but to be a world changer through music. We are here to produce, mix, remix, edit, and mash-up the latest most hot music available today, and we will continue to bring you the best talented and gifted artists world wide.

New Dream Records CEO/President/Manager/Promoter: Eva VonGod Skoupra