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Nektarios Klostrakis

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Secret Theory

Alternative Rock & Metal Band

Secret Theory is a Greek band, based in Larisa of Thessaly Greece! They were formed back in 2013 from George Gerasis (guitars) and Polydefkis ‘Lord’ (vocals) as a result of their common love for rock and metal music. Later, the lineup was completed by Jonny Teo (guitars) and Nikos Tsintzilonis (drums) and at that point, they started with the first recordings. Their debut - self-titled - album was released in February 2018 while in March 2019 they released a digital single called ‘Chopper Riders’. In the meantime, they have been part of playing live in music festivals and live venues. Their influences include many spectrums of the metal scene which resulted in an explosive mixture of alternative groove nu-metal! In the last two years, there have been some changes of the band members; while the two guitarists are the same, the singer, bass player, and drummer have been renewed. Secret Theory is: George Gerasis: guitars Giannis ‘Jonny Teo’ Theologis: guitars Apostolis Pazaras: vocals Nikos Voulgarakis: drums & percussion Fontas Stragalinos: bass Having already recorded their second full-length album under the title ‘Secrecy Spawns Theories’, Secret Theory are doing a dynamic comeback declaring that are present in the metal-rock music scene. Follow Secret Theory : Facebook : Youtube :

Helena 'HK' Kotina

Solo Artist - Guitarist

Gigantic Red

Robotic Death Black Metal

GIGANTIC RED Gigantic Red is a Robotic Death Black Metal act based in Ambato, Ecuador, province of Tungurahua. This is a new band formed by two friends who have been playing together in different Metal projects for around 20 years. The members are J (all vocals and lyrics) and P (all instruments and music). The musical style blends fully blasting old-school influences of Death and Black Metal, together with robotic drumming sequences and vocals, in the most aggressive manner possible. The band is named after the Red Giant phenomenon of stellar explosions, which occurs during the life phase of every star of the universe when it starts exploding and consuming its energy at the maximum rate, devastating every single element on its path. Compared to this, even the most grueling war or the most savage explosion created by humankind means nothing. Nothing compares to those forces dwelling around the universe. After having been active in other metal projects, the members of Gigantic Red decided to start this band with more maturity and commitment than ever before. That is why the first recording of this duo is a full-length session of five long and blasting songs, which conform to their concept album, called “Merciless Supernova”. Right now, the band is starting to write more material for their second album, thought to be presented in the non-distant future.

King's Call

.'King's Call'...Hard Rock/AOR & home of : The lost Arts Society, Alexander-Music

King's Call Founded by guitarist-extraordinaire Alex Garoufalidis, born in Germany and of Greek origin, King’s Call is a melodic Hard Rock formation based in Germany, featuring an international lineup with Azerbaijani Asec Bergemann on drums and German native Andreas Kramer on bass. Garoufalidis has jammed and recorded with the likes of Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz), and Chuck Wright (House Of Lords! Quiet Riot). His melodic but powerful playing gives King’s Call its distinctive sound. In September 2013 King’s Call released “Lion’s Den,” their second album, the follow-up to “Destiny,” their debut effort released in October 2011. Every song is a winner; all music and lyrics on “Lion’s Den” is written by Alex Garoufalidis, and sung by Mike Freeland, one of the top vocalists of the genre, who is known for his work fronting the legendary Praying Mantis. Right Now King's Call is recording their next album which will be released by New Dream Records! Stay Tuned for more!

Michael Protopsaltis and The Magic Band

Alex Garoufalides

Solo Artist