Hard Rock '70s -'80s

Band Members:

Aggelos Gouzetos - Vocals

Michalis Protopsaltis - Guitars

Kostas Taltabanis - Bass and Vocals

Kostas Tanis - Drums and Vocals

HardLand were formed in 2016, April by Michalis Protopsaltis(Guitarist of Hardways, Real Thing, Deipnosofistes), Kostas Tanis(Drummer of Hardways, Real Thing, Deipnosofistes) and Stavros Papadopoulos(Guitarist,Singer,Producer of Super Vintage,Freerock Saints).

Strongly influenced by classic rock and hard rock of the 70's and 80's they started writing songs based on Protopsaltis' ideas/riffs that had been written through the years with Tanis' tempo arrangements while Papadopoulos wrote the lyrics and vox melodies for the tracks to be recorded at his studio.

After some searching for a singer and a bass player,Aggelos Gouzetos(Singer of Prassin Aloga)along with bass player Kostas Taltabanis(Bass player of Prassin Aloga)join the band and after many rehearsals they were ready to record their debut album at Freerock Recording Studio in Kavala city,Greece.

In October 2016 with Papadopoulos as a producer/sound engineer and Protopsaltis playing all the Rhythm and Lead guitars they record 11 original,hard rocking tracks for their debut album. 

2017 and the Hardland Band joined the New Dream Records Family and they Have their first worlwide album release on June 2017 

HardLand Online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hardlandband/

Website: https://hardlandtheband.com/ 

Hardland Band