John Wu
Hip Hop, Rap, Hardcore


Yiannos Wu a.k.a MASTERMIND was born in 1976, is half Chinese half Greek n livin in Cyprus. He introduced the Hip Hop game in Cyprus by being the first artist to drop Hip Hop tunes on the island from 92. His first personal album called "Teleftees Meres" was created in 1995 and was released in Cyprus in 1997 when the first record company was created on the island.

3 years later in the year 2000 Wu released his second personal album called "Apagorevmenes Gnoseis", an album that almost went gold in Cyprus and was also released in Greece by Minos-EMI. His best personal album "Aoratos Polemos" was released by his own label "Narrow Path Entertainment" in 2003 n was the first gospel album to hit Greece. The album talks about globalization, injustice, wars and the corruption of today's world, an album which managed to touch many hearts in Cyprus but was unfortunately banned from TV and radio due to the rawness of the lyrics.

Finally in 2007 Wu got together with the islands best talents and created the first Cyprus Hip Hop compilation entitled "The Rise of Cyprus Hip Hop-The Beginnin" The compilation includes songs from artists such as Sniper, Mario Mental, Unkle Festa, Lyrical Eye, Firekreve (2j & C4), D.R.I.G, Didntdiminish n Vocals by Kippah N Kyri. Wu has also opened up many live Hip Hop concerts in Cyprus for groups such as T.X.C, Goin Through n ZN.

In 2008 Yiannos Wu took the decision to end his music carreer after 16 years of dedication to the Hip Hop Game in order to concentrate on other important aspects of life such as God, Family & Friends. Some of his latest unreleased songs will soon be available on Myspace for fans.

Thanx goes to all friends, fans & everyone who supported John Wu during his carreer, n Respect to all Mc's out there that write Music from the heart n Real Lyrics.

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