Nektarios Klostrakis
Solo Artist

What is there to be said about Nektarios and his work altogether. 

Nektarios Klostrakis is a person filled with respect and passion for his hometown and music.

With love and offerings to the people serving it's Spirit. He picks collectively from all the bright stars and makes his own sky. A sky for anyone to find and love the tracks of his hard and soul!

With high music knowledge and connection to the brightest teachers and firsts like the violist Harhalis, Aspasia Papadaki, Giorgos Tzimakis, Dimitris Kourakis and Kostas Mountaris, Nektarios is making a different data base that drives you to Crete along with it's music and lyrics years ahead - that even touches people that are unaware of it's sound. 

Nektarios Klostrakis Online: