Michael Protopsaltis | King Without a Kingdom

This album is a set of 10 songs from different time periods of my music courses . This is also the reason why there is a great variety in the style of music with elements of rock, blues, funk, hard rock, ballads. I feel lucky to have worked with very good musicians and two amazing ones voices. Areti Valavanopoulou (my voice teacher) sang 2 songs with her excellence voice and Stavros Georgiadis 3 songs, which I think he is among the best male voices I have heard. I sang the remaining 5. It was an internal need to come out this record alongside HARDLAND and its style is a bit different. Finally we ended up in a power trio with Dimitris Kakos on bass and Vassilis Karakotsios on drums and me on vocals and guitar, adjusting all the material for ,to be played live. The result enthused our audience from the first concerts ,They sent us very positive messages. I think the sequel will be even better. It was a great joy that my Record Label NEW DEAM RECORDS believed in this material and wanted to release it . Release ID 10223314 EAN 4061707961199 Listen and Download the album https://songwhip.com/michaelprotopsaltis/king-without-a-kingdom

Michael Protopsaltis    | King Without a Kingdom