“Drawing New Worlds” was painfully conceived at For God’s Shake studios during the years 2015 and 2016.

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1. Leap of faith

2. Drawing new worlds

3. Doctrine of the wicked

4. Anthem

5. Fragile madness

6. Shadows surround me

7. Sorrowful cries

8. Unfeigned emotions

9. Cosmic balance

10. Shattered light

Drums recorded at Red House Recordings with Andreas Venetis. Produced by Neperia. Engineered by Neperia and George Tzachristas. Mixed and Mastered by George Tzachristas. Cover and booklet designed by Konstantinos Skenteridis. Music and lyrics by George Tzachristas and Leonidas Diamantopoulos.

The band:

Stella Tzovara - vocals

George Tzachristas - guitars, lead vocals

Theofilos Avramidis - guitars

Ilias Kantzelis - bass

Leonidas Diamantopoulos - keyboards

Achilleas Papagrigoriou – drums

Additional musicians:

Stavros Xristoforidis - Violin

(Track: Leap Of Faith)

Spiros Patelis – Vocals

(Track: Fragile Madness)