What we'll do: - Review all information; - Rewrite the press (if applicable) and setup a press e-mail with a professional look; - Send the press release to over 2000 active contacts (print magazines, radios, webzines, blogs, Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, freelancer writers...) - all metal and hard rock-related and worldwide; Our average email open rate is between 30-75%; - Answer all the e-mails from your campaign (requests, questions, schedule interviews, advertise proposals...); - Post the news on our Facebook page. What we don't do: - Send press releases without reviewing all information; - Exclude countries from the press campaign; - Control the editorial content from magazines, webzines... - Manage social media; - accept submissions containing any forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance; - include files to download on the press (like mp3 files, dropbox links...) - For this, you can order our PR campaign »; - Send links and final reports. Nowadays with social media, bands and labels often are tagged and receive updates in real-time from the media sharing their stories. Please, note: If you're working with more than one PR agency at the same time, you must understand that we will be reaching the same media contacts as other PR agencies do. SEND US YOUR PRESS INFOS : drybonesvalleypr@gmail.com

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